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Kraber Family Session | Iowa City Iowa Photographer

Oh my goodness this session was fun! We have had a unusually warm fall and it has made for some fabulous fall photo sessions. These two girls were Amazing and so much fun. It is always such a pleasure to capture a family so full of love. Please enjoy some of my favorites! xoxo

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BirdsDream Design 2013 | Iowa City, Iowa

2013 has been Quite a year! I have had many past clients return, lots of fun new clients, shot some Beautiful weddings, my work has been published, broke my leg, and my oldest child started Kindergarten! I am so so blessed by all the support I receive from my community, friends, fans and family. Words cannot express how continually grateful I am for everyone and everything.

I really feel like I grew as an artist. I found my style, even though I am Always working on perfecting it and getting exactly where I want to be. I grew as a business owner, learned a lot of valuable business owner lessons. Made some wonderful relationships with clients, and continued to grow with past clients that have so wonderfully believed in me since day one.

I put together some memorable shots from 2013. It is always impossible for me for picks actual favorites because I truly love session I do with you all. So I just grabbed some goodies to share with you all of my own kiddos and you and yours. (I posted wedding highlights on another post that be found here)

Thank you so much 2013, you were Wonderful! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!!

So sit back and relax and Enjoy!! xoxo

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Life In Loud week 16

Last Spring I stumbled onto some Double Exposure images on Flickr and immediately I fell in love! I did a lot of research on how to achieve this look in camera.

I started by doing a portrait in each season (I have Winter, Fall and Summer so far) and have made a few more that have never made it to photoshop to be edited. But my personal project this winter to master this effect in my camera and hopefully create some really cool art pieces. I just Love the double exposures so wish me luck and please enjoy some of the ones I have done so far! xoxoxo







A couple more random ones..

fallhands3 owenworld

Thank you so much for checking out my post.. Now hop over to see Paige’s entry at Sweet Magnolia Photography!!


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Back to School (themed session, Iowa City, Iowa)

My little guy Aiden started Kindergarten this Fall and my bestie Michele’s little gal Layla was starting as well. Well of course we had to do something awesome together to celebrate this time in our littles lives. So I put together this cute little setup and we all got together to take some pics. Of course the younger siblings had to get in on the action!

Yes this is way late, but better late than never! Enjoy!! xoxoxo

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Life in Loud (week 11, On the Road)

This past weekend I spent about 12 hours in the car going across Iowa and right across the border to Missouri.

I have been very interested lately in finding the beauty in every day things, abandoned items, fields, buildings, old signs. My goal was to actually take pictures without people. I have become so accustomed to taking photos of people, thinking of their expression, the composition etc.. This weekend I just wanted my camera to guide me and I enjoy the results.

Plus my kiddos were pretty pumped I wasn’t aiming the camera at them. 😉

My Life in Loud image this week.

“I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand.”  ~Leonardo da Vinci


Here are some ones to enjoy! xoxo

gas1 gas2 onepump cafe coke1 coke2 cat firestand gas3 watertower


Now please hop over and check out the awesome Paige Everson at  Sweet Magnolia Photography to see her Life in Loud post this week!