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My Holiday Elves | Iowa City Iowa Photographer

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays!! I thought I would share some photos that have been become a tradition around our house. I am sure a lot of you guys have been doing your Elf’s and our Elf just loves to take a holiday pic with the boys 😉 Well they became really popular so I thought I would turn them into templates so other people (owning photoshop or any program that can utilize layers) could enjoy the pics as well with their family!

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Getting Ready for Summer!

We are sooo ready for summer! This weekend we got some great weather and of course we had to get out the hose to have some water fun!


“There’s a bond that brothers know, and it gets stronger as they grow. A love that time and miles can’t come betweenWe disagree but in the end there will never be two closer friends And brotherly love is something we all need” ~Keith Whitley


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Life in Loud | Week 22 Embrace the Mess

Today was one of those days. The pilot light in the water heater went out, school was cancelled yet again due to the cold, I was out of my favorite coffee, I was tired and the boys were bouncing off the walls. I can’t even remember the last time the temp was above zero and we were able to go outside and play. While I was cleaning in the kitchen today I hear this crash as I turn I see Aiden (my oldest) sprint to his room and Owen (my youngest) frantically covering up something on the couch. Now I know it will be something important for them to be reacting like this and I walk over the couch and pulling back the blankets to find my Instax mini 8 camera I got at Christmas with the end of the lens popped off. My gut reaction was to yell but instead I just cried a little (like I said it had been one of those days) Both boys immediately rushed to my side, hugging me and apologizing. I quickly tried to google how to fix it but couldn’t find anything. So I put the camera away and figured I would try to fix it later. I prepared snack for the boys and got their leap pads out so that I could hop in the shower.

After my shower I come out to hear the boys giggling and find them on top of the dining table covered in flour, coconut and chocolate chips. Thinking at this point I may loose my mommy mind and they say “Mom we felt so bad about your camera, we want to bake you a cake to make you feel better” Then they jumped down from the table Covered in flour and get two presets they managed to cover in wrapping paper scrapes and said “And we wanted to give you these”.  I opened the first gift from Aiden and it was his neat little kid camera and opening Owen’s it was his blanket (aka “silky”) that he is never without. They thought all these things would make me feel better.

At that moment I totally realized I have some pretty flipping awesome kiddos. They were completely willing, at least for the moment, to give up their most favorite things to me so that I could feel better. Accidents will happen, things will break, messes will be made and tears will be shed. But we are family and we love each other so very much and it shows. No matter the bad day they bring so much love and laughter to my life and I hope to be the best mom Everyday I can be to them!

So embracing the mess they had made, I let them to continue to play with their concoction on the table. While I played too, trying their “cakes” and even tossing a little flour around.

P.S. I messed around with my instax camera later this evening and managed to fix it! So hooray for what started as a not so great day turned out ok!

Enjoy! xoxo

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Life in Loud week 14

The other day I just had just gotten ready to go out to dinner with the boys and Owen stopped me and said  “Mom you look so pretty, we gotta take a picture!”

So I grabbed his camera but he insisted on using mine. He told me where to sit and wrapped our holiday garland on my head. It’s out of focus and just wonderful. I love so much the joy we can share together through photography and I will cherish the photo forever.



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Holiday Mini Sessions! (Iowa City, Iowa Photographer)

I had a mini holiday sessions not too long ago and it was Loads of fun! I was lucky enough to score a vintage sleigh, had my Christmas tree stand up and a vintage wagon full of presents. It was a great couple of days and I had the Best families come to see me. I thought I would put together some highlights of the weekend for everyone to see and enjoy! xoxo

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