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My Year in Review 2014

2014 was an Amazing year!

I cannot even begin to express my thanks to everyone who supported me this year. I put together some photos of some wonderful moments from 2014. I have been able to capture so much love, laughter, new life, marriage, joy, milestones and friendship. I value Each and Every single person who came to me in 2014 to capture something special to them.

In 2015 some things will be changing slightly for my business. Prices will change a little, and the amount of sessions I do per month will change. I had a great time this last year but I learned just How important it is to have more family time and time to peruse some personal projects I want to do. SO I cannot stress enough that if you want to get on the books for 2015, do it now 🙂

Now onto my New Years resolutions:

Shoot More for myself and family

Experiment more with different techniques


Wear Lipstick

Eat Healthier (cause let’s face it I’m going to promise to go to the gym daily haha)

Spend more time with loved ones, friends and family

Move to a new house

What are YOUR resolutions, I would love to hear them!

Thank you so much for hanging with me in 2014  xoxoxo



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Iowa State Fair | Iowa City Photographer

As the summer comes to an end I am a bit sad. This summer was the Best summer I have ever had. I had an unbelievable amount of fun with my boys. From Adventureland, camping, fireworks, museums, sleepovers, late nights, ice cream, shopping, park visits, water parks, nature, hiking, swimming and picnics..we did it all. For our last weekend we stopped off at our state fair and the boys had so much fun! It was a perfect end to the summer, although I am not ready to say good bye to it..

Here are a couple of my favorites and my Life in Loud image for the week.


Life in Loud Week 51

blogSF4 blogSF1 blogSF5 blogSF6 blogSF2 blogSF7 blogSF8

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Owen’s Fifth Birthday Party Ninja Turtle’s Style | Iowa City Iowa

This year was a big birthday for my little man, FIVE years old! This was his first birthday party to have lots of friends and it was such a blast!

Of course we had to theme it like his favorite heroes in a half shell, the Ninja Turtles 🙂

First we went and did a little photo shoot for his invites:



Food and Snacks!

Then we planned some fun snacks and a cool pizza cake for his party. The pizza cake I made was just a nine inch round yellow cake and I decorated with frosting to look like a pizza! I went down to pizza hut, where I purchased the pizzas for the party and asked for a few pizza boxes to put the cakes in and use some for games. My wonderful mother made made jello jigglers (pretty much jello shots haha) for turtle toxic ooze. Those were a Huge hit! Ninja Turtle fruit snacks, and oreos for “sewer lids”. My mom also made an amazing Michelangelo face from broccoli, carrots, grapes and radishes.



Party Games! 

I got a couple of 60 cent yellow frisbees from Walmart and used sticker paper on the top and decorated them to look like pizzas. We placed pizza boxes in the grass and had the kids toss the pizzas. If they made it into the box they got to pick a treat from the treat bowl. (Of course we played until everyone got lots of treats!) 🙂 The kids Really loved this game!

partyblog3 partyblog5 party1 partyblog24


For another game I filled up a big bowl with jello, plastic animals and plastic bugs and the kiddos had to get them out using chopsticks. I made the jello a little runnier so it would be more like slime. When they pulled out something with the chopsticks they got to keep it!

partyblog6 partyblog7 partyblog8 partyblog9 partyblog11


Then of course we had to do Piñatas! We got two turtle piñatas and stuffed them to the top with candy and let the kids have it. Just a side note, this got a little crazier than I expected. Definitely have enough room when littles are swinging bats like crazy haha! 😉

partyblog10 partyblog13 partyblog14 partyblog15 partyblog12


Then of course we had pizza cake and opened presents! Then gave out some cute little treat bags for our guests!

partyblog16 partyblog17 partyblog18 partyblog23


*I definitely could have taken way more pics but I felt it was super important to put the camera down and Really be there for all the kiddos and be super involved, so while I wish I had more and took a little better ones I am more happy with the memories I made* 🙂

It was Such AN AWESOME day! I loved hanging out with these cool kiddos and I would do it again in a heartbeat. A big thanks to everyone that came and made my Owen feel special and loved, thanks to my awesome parents who came played and helped out! We love you all!! ❤


Getting Ready for Summer!

We are sooo ready for summer! This weekend we got some great weather and of course we had to get out the hose to have some water fun!


“There’s a bond that brothers know, and it gets stronger as they grow. A love that time and miles can’t come betweenWe disagree but in the end there will never be two closer friends And brotherly love is something we all need” ~Keith Whitley


waterplay1 waterplay2 waterplay3waterplayywaterplay5 waterplay6


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Flowers, Models and Mini Horses Oh MY! | Iowa City, Iowa Photographer

So this session was actually taken a year ago and sadly I am just now blogging it. BUT better late than never 😉 especially when it comes to beauties like these! My friend Aubree (who I was in Graphic Design school with) lives right by these amazing little horses. Her in laws own them and they are lucky enough to live right next door. Well Aubree was awesome enough to let me and my bf’s the Langseth gals come up and we all had an awesome day and a super awesome shoot. I am DYING to get back there, so Aubree I will see you soon!! ❤

Here are some of my favorites, Enjoy! xoxo

Also ALL the headpieces are made by my girl Michele at Little Lollipops Designs


blog18 blog4 blog5 blog11 blog17 blog2 blog3 blog1 blog6 blog8 blog12 blog14 blog15 blog16 blog7 blog19 blog10 blog13 blog9


Life in Loud | Week 22 Embrace the Mess

Today was one of those days. The pilot light in the water heater went out, school was cancelled yet again due to the cold, I was out of my favorite coffee, I was tired and the boys were bouncing off the walls. I can’t even remember the last time the temp was above zero and we were able to go outside and play. While I was cleaning in the kitchen today I hear this crash as I turn I see Aiden (my oldest) sprint to his room and Owen (my youngest) frantically covering up something on the couch. Now I know it will be something important for them to be reacting like this and I walk over the couch and pulling back the blankets to find my Instax mini 8 camera I got at Christmas with the end of the lens popped off. My gut reaction was to yell but instead I just cried a little (like I said it had been one of those days) Both boys immediately rushed to my side, hugging me and apologizing. I quickly tried to google how to fix it but couldn’t find anything. So I put the camera away and figured I would try to fix it later. I prepared snack for the boys and got their leap pads out so that I could hop in the shower.

After my shower I come out to hear the boys giggling and find them on top of the dining table covered in flour, coconut and chocolate chips. Thinking at this point I may loose my mommy mind and they say “Mom we felt so bad about your camera, we want to bake you a cake to make you feel better” Then they jumped down from the table Covered in flour and get two presets they managed to cover in wrapping paper scrapes and said “And we wanted to give you these”.  I opened the first gift from Aiden and it was his neat little kid camera and opening Owen’s it was his blanket (aka “silky”) that he is never without. They thought all these things would make me feel better.

At that moment I totally realized I have some pretty flipping awesome kiddos. They were completely willing, at least for the moment, to give up their most favorite things to me so that I could feel better. Accidents will happen, things will break, messes will be made and tears will be shed. But we are family and we love each other so very much and it shows. No matter the bad day they bring so much love and laughter to my life and I hope to be the best mom Everyday I can be to them!

So embracing the mess they had made, I let them to continue to play with their concoction on the table. While I played too, trying their “cakes” and even tossing a little flour around.

P.S. I messed around with my instax camera later this evening and managed to fix it! So hooray for what started as a not so great day turned out ok!

Enjoy! xoxo

kitch10.1 kitch1 kitch2 kitch3 kitch4 kitch5 kitch6 kitch7 kitch8 kitch9

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Life in Loud | Week 21

So this week I got some inspiration from my fellow Life in Louder’s about having thr courage to take my “big” camera out in public and not be bothered by the strange looks I might get. For my first time I busted it out in Target, when Owen and I had to grab a few things. It was late in the evening so he wasn’t really feeling it.. Target or the fact that I had my camera with me. 😉 But I am pleased with the results and I think I am hooked! 😉

So here are a couple Enjoy! xoxo

target1 target2 target3 target4 target5 target6 target7

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