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Life in Loud Week 9

Double, double, toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Double, double, toil and trouble;
Something wicked this way comes!
Happy Halloween Everyone! Have a great time 🙂
Now please hop over and check out the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence at Jennifer Lawrence Photography to see her Life in Loud post this week!

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Baby Quinn (Iowa City, Iowa Newborn Photography)

Since this is a new blog you all aren’t up to speed on my bestie Michelle. She has three Beautiful daughters whom I love dearly. Since I have all boys and she has all girls I get my “girl fix” with her gals a lot. You’ll be seeing their faces around here quite a bit!

Of course when her third baby girl Quinn was born we had to have a photo session 🙂

Also my lovely Michele owns Little Lollipop Designs She created these Ah-mazing headpieces, jewelry, tutus and all sorts of custom and ready to purchase goodies. Check her out!

Enjoy! xoxo

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Moorhead Family | Daniel is 6 months! (Iowa City, Iowa Family Child Session)

I can’t even Begin to tell everyone how much I truly cherish this family! I Love Love Love them! I went to the hospital to photograph Baby Daniel just a day after he was born and I instantly fell in love. I call him Baby Daniel and I think I’ll call him that for life. He is so adorable and sweet, which he totally gets from his Ah-mazing parents! Love you Moorhead family!! ❤

During this session Daniel had an ear infection, although he wasn’t too up for pics he did a great job and I can’t WAIT to see him again!!

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Life In Loud (Photographer Iowa City, Iowa)

Awhile ago the talented Kim Hillard of Kim Hill Photography came up with an awesome idea. A group of women across the US to come together to tell a story, share images and help each other grow and learn. I was beyond honored to be included in this idea and as a group we have made her idea into a wonderful thing called Life in Loud. This allows us each week to photograph something personal just for ourselves. No matter how busy we are this allows us to stop and enjoy something we like, try new things and learn and then be able to share that with the world.

Please check out our website Life in Loud

And here is what we are about:

In response to this world,

Our worlds.
At the moment where creeping insanity meets clarity
And all the noise becomes a hum.
A vibration that resonates through
Awakening our deepest selves.
Giving us the courage to be better, stronger, more patient. Truer to ourselves.
This is us.
A collection of 12.
Living in the loud.

Life in Loud features 12 photographers, artists really, who challenge themselves each week to make a photograph completely free from distractions; the distractions that live in our world and in our heads. Something for ourselves.

A supportive community saying, “We’ve got your back. So go…explore. Take those moments to say yes to all the nos, can’ts and shouldn’ts. Be brave.”

We are a constant 12 with an occasional 13th, a guest who shares our love of art and passion despite the loud of life.

Live in loud, we must. But carve out quiet, we do. To make art. To live.

Life in Loud

The ladies I have been able to share this experience with have changed my life. I cherish so much the support and friendship that we all have built. Please check out my images so far and enjoy! I will be posting a new image each week as well as connecting you to another wonderful woman in this circle.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! xoxo

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