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Back to School (themed session, Iowa City, Iowa)

My little guy Aiden started Kindergarten this Fall and my bestie Michele’s little gal Layla was starting as well. Well of course we had to do something awesome together to celebrate this time in our littles lives. So I put together this cute little setup and we all got together to take some pics. Of course the younger siblings had to get in on the action!

Yes this is way late, but better late than never! Enjoy!! xoxoxo

BTS1 BTS2 BTS3 1 2 5 6

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Life in Loud (week 11, On the Road)

This past weekend I spent about 12 hours in the car going across Iowa and right across the border to Missouri.

I have been very interested lately in finding the beauty in every day things, abandoned items, fields, buildings, old signs. My goal was to actually take pictures without people. I have become so accustomed to taking photos of people, thinking of their expression, the composition etc.. This weekend I just wanted my camera to guide me and I enjoy the results.

Plus my kiddos were pretty pumped I wasn’t aiming the camera at them. 😉

My Life in Loud image this week.

“I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand.”  ~Leonardo da Vinci


Here are some ones to enjoy! xoxo

gas1 gas2 onepump cafe coke1 coke2 cat firestand gas3 watertower


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