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Family Session | Kent Park Iowa

I was thrilled to meet this great family and even more thrilled with how amazing this session went! Jackson is like the cutest little guy ever!!

Jackson was turning one so we had to capture some of his amazing personality and I’d say we were really successful.  I am so happy this awesome family chose me to capture their memories, I had such a blast!


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Moorhead Family | Iowa City, Iowa Photographer

I can’t even tell how you how much I heart these 3 cool people! I first photographed Katie when she was pregnant with Daniel and she has been a great friend and client ever since. Her and Chris have believed in me since I was very new at photography and I seriously cherish each and every session I get to do with them! I got to go to the hospital and photograph them right after sweet baby Daniel was born and I have been in love with this kiddo ever since. Katie and I joke that even at his senior pics I will still be calling him sweet baby Daniel 😉

Here are some of my favorites from their most recent session. Enjoy! xoxo

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Owen’s Fifth Birthday Party Ninja Turtle’s Style | Iowa City Iowa

This year was a big birthday for my little man, FIVE years old! This was his first birthday party to have lots of friends and it was such a blast!

Of course we had to theme it like his favorite heroes in a half shell, the Ninja Turtles 🙂

First we went and did a little photo shoot for his invites:



Food and Snacks!

Then we planned some fun snacks and a cool pizza cake for his party. The pizza cake I made was just a nine inch round yellow cake and I decorated with frosting to look like a pizza! I went down to pizza hut, where I purchased the pizzas for the party and asked for a few pizza boxes to put the cakes in and use some for games. My wonderful mother made made jello jigglers (pretty much jello shots haha) for turtle toxic ooze. Those were a Huge hit! Ninja Turtle fruit snacks, and oreos for “sewer lids”. My mom also made an amazing Michelangelo face from broccoli, carrots, grapes and radishes.



Party Games! 

I got a couple of 60 cent yellow frisbees from Walmart and used sticker paper on the top and decorated them to look like pizzas. We placed pizza boxes in the grass and had the kids toss the pizzas. If they made it into the box they got to pick a treat from the treat bowl. (Of course we played until everyone got lots of treats!) 🙂 The kids Really loved this game!

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For another game I filled up a big bowl with jello, plastic animals and plastic bugs and the kiddos had to get them out using chopsticks. I made the jello a little runnier so it would be more like slime. When they pulled out something with the chopsticks they got to keep it!

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Then of course we had to do Piñatas! We got two turtle piñatas and stuffed them to the top with candy and let the kids have it. Just a side note, this got a little crazier than I expected. Definitely have enough room when littles are swinging bats like crazy haha! 😉

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Then of course we had pizza cake and opened presents! Then gave out some cute little treat bags for our guests!

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*I definitely could have taken way more pics but I felt it was super important to put the camera down and Really be there for all the kiddos and be super involved, so while I wish I had more and took a little better ones I am more happy with the memories I made* 🙂

It was Such AN AWESOME day! I loved hanging out with these cool kiddos and I would do it again in a heartbeat. A big thanks to everyone that came and made my Owen feel special and loved, thanks to my awesome parents who came played and helped out! We love you all!! ❤