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BirdsDream Design 2013 | Iowa City, Iowa

2013 has been Quite a year! I have had many past clients return, lots of fun new clients, shot some Beautiful weddings, my work has been published, broke my leg, and my oldest child started Kindergarten! I am so so blessed by all the support I receive from my community, friends, fans and family. Words cannot express how continually grateful I am for everyone and everything.

I really feel like I grew as an artist. I found my style, even though I am Always working on perfecting it and getting exactly where I want to be. I grew as a business owner, learned a lot of valuable business owner lessons. Made some wonderful relationships with clients, and continued to grow with past clients that have so wonderfully believed in me since day one.

I put together some memorable shots from 2013. It is always impossible for me for picks actual favorites because I truly love session I do with you all. So I just grabbed some goodies to share with you all of my own kiddos and you and yours. (I posted wedding highlights on another post that be found here)

Thank you so much 2013, you were Wonderful! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!!

So sit back and relax and Enjoy!! xoxo

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Karyssa Senior Session (Iowa City, Iowa, Senior)

I used to work with Katyssa’s mom Pam at a preschool some time ago so when she asked me to take her daughters senior pics I was thrilled! Karyssa is just about the the Sweetest person ever and what a beauty! We had such a blast together and I could photograph this young lady All day!! 🙂

Enjoy!! xoxo

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Mallorey Senior Session (Iowa City, Iowa Senior Session)

I was so so happy that this beautiful lady was able to travel to Iowa City to have me do her senior session! At this point I was still in a wheelchair with my broken leg but we pulled out an Amazing session.

Mallorey is an amazing young woman, she is kind, funny and a wonderful dancer! Watch out world 🙂

Enjoy!! xoxo

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