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Hoppe Kids | Iowa City Iowa Child Photographer

I photographed these kids a while ago when I had a broken leg and they were an absolute joy, this time around I could run and play with them and they were just as amazing! We picked flowers, twirled around, and giggled a lot. I could take pics of them all the time 🙂

Here are just a few of my favorites from their sun filled session! Enjoy xoxo

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The Doern Kiddos | Iowa City Iowa Child Photographer

I went to high school with Kelli and she married Chris Doern who was also in our class. I personally think it’s super romantic when friends from High School get married 🙂 Her and Chris and her two Adorable kiddos live in Virginia, so when Kelli messaged me they would be back and she wanted me to take some photos of the kids I was SO excited. They are the sweetest little ones, it was a breeze! It was super funny at the end of the session sister literally was done and passed out in mom’s arms. Too cute!! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Enjoy! xoxo


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Flower Mini Session 2 | Iowa City Iowa Photographer

Oh my I love these sessions and I seriously need to plan on doing them again. I am thinking maybe in the fall when all of the amazing Mums are in bloom.. hmm 😉

Anyway meet Another one of my most favorite families. Are they not the cutest?! I adore them and could photograph them All. Day. Long.

Here are a few of my favorites from their session, Enjoy! xoxo

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Flower Mini Sessions | Iowa City Iowa Photographer

I had a couple of mini sessions at Iowa City Landscaping (where my amazing dad works) and I absolutely Loved how they turned out. I was glad we ditched the formal setup and roamed around through all the amazing flowers and just had fun. I will blog all the sessions but I wanted to start with this one.

Vanessa is an Amazing client and friend of mine. Honestly I just love her. She is so sweet and beautiful and check out her beautiful kiddos! And hooray she is having another 🙂 Also she brought her mom along and it was fabulous to meet her!!

Here are a few favorites of our session, Enjoy!! xoxo

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Flowers, Models and Mini Horses Oh MY! | Iowa City, Iowa Photographer

So this session was actually taken a year ago and sadly I am just now blogging it. BUT better late than never 😉 especially when it comes to beauties like these! My friend Aubree (who I was in Graphic Design school with) lives right by these amazing little horses. Her in laws own them and they are lucky enough to live right next door. Well Aubree was awesome enough to let me and my bf’s the Langseth gals come up and we all had an awesome day and a super awesome shoot. I am DYING to get back there, so Aubree I will see you soon!! ❤

Here are some of my favorites, Enjoy! xoxo

Also ALL the headpieces are made by my girl Michele at Little Lollipops Designs


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Favorites of 2013 | Weddings (Iowa City, Iowa)

I was super lucky enough to have some Ah-mazing brides and groom’s this year and got to be a part of some super fun and fabulous weddings. I broke my leg in the summer and had to finish almost All my weddings casted and even did some in a wheelchair! But I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. I got to witness so much serious and intense love.

Couples of 2013, I hope you have the most wonderful life together. Enjoy each other and all that life has to bring you. Can’t wait to see you all when you start having Babies!!! 😉

I could never really pick my favorites and if I included All the images I am in love with from all my weddings, we’d be here All day! So Here are just some highlights of some of the weddings I have gotten to be a part of, Enjoy!! xoxoxo

Getting Ready

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The Party

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The Love

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