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Life in Loud Week 17


This weeks theme is about my kiddos.

I have been SO busy this past year, especially this fall. The other night my youngest Owen said to me “Mom can you pleasssse take some time off work so you can spend more time with me and Aiden?” Needless to say my heart melted a bit. It has become a lot more apparent that my work because I have been so busy (which I am extremely blessed and grateful for) but after 76 sessions and 9 weddings this year, my work has come first and my family has been put on the back burner as second. It has gotten me thinking a lot about 2014 and some changes I really want to make. I will pace myself and learn that is ok to say no once and awhile. I am only going to take limited sessions and weddings each month and plan on setting better “working hours” While you work from home it hard to shut off work but I am really going to try to set specific times for work and home time. I hope my clients that I love and appreciate so much will be understanding of this in 2014 because I want to continue to capture wonderful moments for Everyone! 🙂

It feels really great to take some time for myself and my family this holiday break and I am really looking forward to having a blast with the boys. To kick off our break we went out in some snow and had some fun and of Course took some cute photos! Enjoy!! xoxo

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” ~Bill Watterson


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Thank you so much for checking out my post.. Now hop over to see Paige’s entry at Sweet Magnolia Photography!!



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I am a mom and a photographer. I take pretty pictures I hope you enjoy them! :)

6 thoughts on “Life in Loud Week 17

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  2. Good for you! A decision you will NEVER regret!!

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  4. Wow! Touched by your words, your images and those gorgeous faces!! I am feeling so similar right now! 2014 is going to be a different year for us both! -Paige ❤

  5. Every year we learn a little more our boundaries and the pace that we want to take. I agree with Summer, a decision you won’t regret. I feel that you will handle it all with grace this 2014. Nothing like our children to put all the world into perspective for us! The most adorable images of your boys as well! How can you keep from just kissing their cute little faces 24/7! lol

  6. I love these Amanda! The boys are so stinkin cute!! Good for you setting boundaries. You deserve them and I know your business will be even stronger with them. ❤

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